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Nordia is a leading business that specializes in SAP systems and offers a comprehensive range of services to help organizations streamline their operations and maximize their SAP investments. With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, Nordia has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses around the globe.

Nordia's key strengths lie in its extensive experience with SAP systems. Having worked on more than 1800 SAP systems, Nordia has developed deep expertise in system administration, maintenance, and optimization. This wealth of experience allows Nordia to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Nordia has an impressive track record when it comes to migrations. With over 190 successful migrations under its belt, including projects executed in just 1.5 days of downtime, Nordia has proven its ability to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth transition to new SAP environments.

The company also boasts a team of highly skilled SAP consultants. With 50 dedicated SAP consultants, 80% of whom are SAP certified, Nordia offers a wealth of expertise and knowledge to its clients. This ensures that businesses receive the highest level of service and support, with consultants who understand the intricacies of SAP systems and can provide effective solutions. Nordia's expertise extends to various aspects of SAP technology, including upgrades and HANA migrations. Having completed over 1000 upgrades and 200 HANA migrations, Nordia has the technical expertise and experience to help businesses optimize their SAP systems and leverage the latest advancements in technology.

Moreover, Nordia recognizes the importance of cloud technology in the modern business landscape. With over 40 successful cloud migrations, the company helps clients harness the power of the cloud to enhance scalability, flexibility and efficiency. One of the key advantages of working with Nordia is its commitment to providing direct L3 support. By cutting out bureaucracy and establishing direct lines of communication, Nordia ensures rapid response times and efficient issue resolution, minimizing downtime and keeping businesses running smoothly.

Our Major Milestones

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Implementation & upgrade services
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Our Approach

As one of India’s Best SAP Solutions provider, Customers can avail of our 1-on-1 strategic consulting services. Our experts have critical SAP domain experience that helps them understand the customer pain points and suggest customized solutions. The broad framework involves.

1. Personalized Consulting with our experts - depending on business needs.

2. Landscape assessment & scoping.

3. Derive best SAP Solutions inline with best practices and recommendations.

Post consulting, Nordia hand holds its customers throughout the SAP Solutions implementation and upgrade process.

1. End - End Implementation.

2. Advanced Methodologies.

3. Validation and final optimization with post implementation support.

As a leading SAP Solutions provider, we offer blueprints for advisory services and implement your S4HANA and cloud migrations flawlessly.

There is a tremendous demand for migrations without compromising too much on the downtime. This is exactly Nordia’s forte as the company has executed 190 + migrations for small and large enterprises keeping the downtime to a bare minimum. Consequently, Business revenue is impacted minimally. Here’s why you should engage with us:

1. Migration Readiness Roadmap.

2. Near zero downtime guaranted.

3. Manage complex cloud transitions and deliver services that integrate public cloud with the enterprise.

Support is the very backbone for Nordia’s SAP Solutions. We make sure that the customer speaks to the person who is technically qualified to answer their queries/complaints immediately. Reaching out to our support team is also very easy either via mail or phone.

1. Multiple Communication Medium.

2. Proactive performance monitoring and incident management.

3. 100% SLA Adherence.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to delivering excellence and driving innovation in every aspect of our work.

Director Strategy Designs,Architects complex SAP Upgrades & Migration
Director Operation
Manages 1500 + SAP Systems
SAP OS/DB Migration Specialist
SAP on CLOUD Specialist
SAP on AWS Go-to-Expert
SAP Security Automation & GRC Expert

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