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SAP Upgrade in Middle East

Within a night, market dynamics can change significantly due to the introduction of new business laws and government legislation. Alongside this, the innovation of new technologies drives the continuous development and release of newer and more powerful versions of SAP systems. Therefore, a technical upgrade of your existing system is essential whenever a major new version becomes available. By upgrading to the latest version and technology, you can also eliminate concerns about support deadlocks for older versions and legacy systems.

Regularly updating SAP with the latest technological advancements is crucial. Customers face the challenge of implementing new solutions by upgrading their platforms with new features and functionalities. The success of any IT transformation project, whether it involves consolidation, rationalisation, application, or database replacement, depends on the effectiveness and usability of the resulting systems. This requires a successful and seamless migration of source data. Choosing S/4 HANA Upgrade ensures your SAP system stays current and fully functional.

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How Nordia Can Help You in SAP Upgrade in Middle East?

Nordia's S/4 HANA upgrade services cater to enterprises seeking to move to new releases or adopt new technology. An SAP Upgrade in Middle East is a complex process that requires meticulous planning and professional execution. Nordia ensures minimal downtime, a smooth transition, and a successful upgrade, keeping your existing SAP system intact. Our SAP Upgrade in Middle East Services provide a fast and efficient transition, minimising risk and downtime to maximise your business benefits. Our consultants collaborate closely with you to manage all aspects of the SAP system upgrades and migration, from planning to going live. We also provide 24/7 Support post going live.

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Discover Expert-Led S/4HANA Upgrade Services in Middle East

At Nordia, our S/4 HANA Upgrade Services in Middle East to assist companies in identifying top-notch upgrade paths tailored to their current SAP environments, while also offering insight into future-proofing SAP investments aligned with long-term strategic objectives.

If you're uncertain about the direction of your SAP Roadmap, our SAP Upgrade in Middle East Review will pinpoint when it's prudent to consider replacing or complementing your upgrade plans through migration to SAP S/4HANA in Middle East. If you're considering upgrading SAP, we strongly recommend engaging with us for our 'SAP Upgrade in Middle East Review' to help determine the following decision points:

  • Identify optimal S/4 HANA Upgrade Paths.

  • Determine the best Upgrade Approach tailored to your organisation.

Identify optimal S/4 HANA Upgrade Paths in Middle East

When determining the optimal SAP Upgrade in Middle East Paths with Nordia, we always pair you with an experienced SAP Consultant possessing specialised knowledge of your industry and the SAP product portfolio. This ensures that we identify and propose best-in-class solutions tailored to your company's specific requirements needs in Middle East.

Our customer-aligned SAP consultant will provide a Product Availability Matrix (PAM) Review. The PAM Review will encompass the following aspects:

Class-Leading S/4 HANA Upgrade Approach

Once an S/4 HANA Upgrade Path has been determined, comprehending the intricacies and devising a strategy for your tailored SAP Upgrade in Middle East is pivotal in shaping the potential return on investment of the proposed S/4 HANA Upgrade.

Over time, Nordia has consistently refined and delivered our established S/4 HANA Upgrade approach, which revolves around three fundamental pillars:

  • Technical Upgrade

    Prioritise upgrading your foundational technology stack. Evaluate the utilisation of custom developments. Analyse and preserve essential functionalities in Middle East.

  • Functional Advancements

    Incorporate new functionalities into the S/4 HANA Upgrade in Middle East. Streamline system complexities resulting from strategic enhancements. Integrate functionality extensions and enhancements. Implement new and optimised application/business process alignments.


Upgrading SAP can bring new features, improved performance, enhanced security, and better compliance. It can also ensure continued support from SAP.

There are various upgrade paths depending on your current version. Some common types include:

  • Version upgrade: Moving to a newer version within the same product family (e.g., ECC to S/4HANA)
  • Maintenance upgrade: Applying updates within your current version for bug fixes and security patches

Costs vary depending on the complexity of your system, the target version, and the resources required.

The typical upgrade process involves planning, preparation, execution, post-upgrade activities, testing, and go-live.

There is no strict mandate, but mainstream support for older Business Suite versions ends at some point. Upgrading to S/4HANA ensures long-term support and access to innovation.

The decision depends on your business needs, current system landscape, and budget.

These can include planning, assessment, preparation, technical upgrade execution, testing support, and post-go-live assistance.

SAP offers expertise and tools to streamline the upgrade process, minimize risks, and ensure a successful transition.

Yes, many certified SAP partners offer upgrade services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

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