Google Cloud Platform in Bahrain

Enhance Your SAP on Google Cloud Platform with Our Consulting Services in Bahrain

As a trusted Google Partner specializing in Data Analytics, Cloud Migration, Infrastructure, and Machine Learning. Our seasoned consultants will assist you in planning, implementing, and managing your migration to Google Cloud Platform, ensuring you harness the full power of Google!

Streamline Your Application Migration and Modernization with Nordia in Bahrain

Nordia offers enterprises a cloud-native application modernisation platform that facilitates the development, management, and security of applications across on-premises and multiple cloud service providers. Discover how businesses can achieve a 5x ROI, overcome vendor lock-in challenges, and enhance scalability with Google Cloud in Bahrain.

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Why Choose Google Cloud Platform for SAP in Bahrain?

SAP on Google Cloud Platform in Bahrain allows you to easily scale resources up or down based on your business needs, ensuring you only pay for what you use.
By choosing Google Cloud in Bahrain you gain access to cutting-edge technologies developed by one of the world's leading tech companies, ensuring your SAP environment stays ahead of the curve.
Google Cloud's integration with Google Workspace provides a seamless and productive collaboration experience, enabling your teams to work together efficiently.
Open & Flexible
Google Cloud Platform supports various programming languages, operating systems, and technologies, offering a flexible development environment for your SAP projects
Google is committed to achieving carbon neutrality, and its data centres are among the most energy-efficient in the world, ensuring your SAP operations are environmentally friendly in Bahrain.

Key Features and Services of SAP on Google Cloud Platform in Bahrain

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) plays a significant role in cloud computing and is a market leader in cloud services, offering several standout features. GCP prioritizes customer security by providing top-notch security measures and enabling real-time visibility into data access through sophisticated monitoring and control features.

Computing Power

GCP offers a range of computing resources, from virtual machines (VMs) with Google Compute Engine to serverless platforms like Google App Engine.

Integrated Solutions

GCP provides integrated solutions tailored to various industries, such as healthcare with Cloud Healthcare API, finance with risk analysis tools, and retail with customer experience management.

Data Analytics &
Machine Learning

GCP offers a range of computing resources, from virtual machines (VMs) with Google Compute Engine to serverless platforms like Google App Engine.

Data Storage

GCP provides versatile storage solutions for both structured data in Google Cloud SQL and unstructured data in Google Cloud Storage.


Google's global infrastructure ensures high-speed and secure networking, supported by services like Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Cloud CDN.


GCP offers a range of computing resources, from virtual machines (VMs) with Google Compute Engine to serverless platforms like Google App Engine.

Why Choose Nordia’s SAP Cloud Migration Services for Migrating to Google Cloud Platform in Bahrain?

Maximise the potential of SAP on Google Cloud Platform with our specialised SAP Cloud Migration services in Bahrain. Our experts provide support and expertise to optimise your Google Cloud investment, driving innovation and ensuring you get the most out of moving SAP on GCP services in Bahrain. From evaluation to deployment planning and post-deployment support, we offer comprehensive services to help you optimise your SAP on Google Cloud in Bahrain.

Performance-Oriented Approach

Our experts ensure that you understand the performance metrics of your SAP on Google Cloud in Bahrain including capacity, reliability, and billing, empowering you with complete ownership of your cloud resources.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Reduce your IT costs with our friendly pricing policy, offering discounts and savings while providing a transparent and visible cloud ecosystem for your SAP environment in Bahrain.

Innovative Solutions

With real-time collaborative capabilities, we create innovative solutions and products that enhance your business operations on Google Cloud in Bahrain

24/7 Deployment Support

Our deployment team ensures a smooth transition to Google Cloud for your SAP environment in Bahrain providing 24/7 comprehensive support to address any issues or challenges you may encounter.

Google Cloud Services Provided by Nordia for implementing SAP on GCP in Bahrain

Nordia collaborates with clients, utilizing various tools and infrastructure to develop, deploy, and oversee applications and services in a highly scalable and dependable manner.

  • GCP Consulting Services
  • GCP Integration Services
  • GCP Migration Services
  • Google Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Migration

Services for cross-cloud migration, migration from MS Azure, AWS, or other clouds, as well as migration from on-premises environments in Bahrain. We specialise in containerisation, automation of provisioning, and implementing DevOps practices, Infrastructure as Code, and Kubernetes (GKE).

Infrastructure Modernization Services with SAP GCP in Bahrain

Digital transformation is a key priority for many organizations worldwide. However, the presence of legacy platforms and workflows, along with a lack of modern technological solutions, often hinders the successful execution of this initiative. Google Cloud offers a high degree of flexibility, reliability, and scalability, making it ideal for achieving a successful digital transformation. At Nordia, we specialize in helping companies transition from legacy setups to next-generation infrastructures.

Our infrastructure modernization services with SAP GCP solutions bring significant business value by:

  • Transforming virtualization into containerization using Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

  • Implementing infrastructure as code using Terraform, Deployment Manager, CloudEndure, and other solutions.

  • Cultivating a DevOps culture that emphasizes continuous delivery and integration.

  • Automating operations, delivery, and maintenance of IT solutions.

  • Migrating infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform.

What We Provide for SAP on GCP?

As a premier SAP on Google Cloud service provider, we are dedicated to accelerating your organisation’s digital agenda in Bahrain. Our customers trust our expertise and top-tier SAP Cloud Migration services to propel their digital transformation and drive innovation.

Our capabilities encompass in Bahrain includes

  • Top-tier security measures to safeguard your data, systems, and users.
  • Tailored solutions to meet your needs, whether through a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud approach
  • Fully managed network operations, offering a user-friendly and efficient infrastructure.
  • Integrated AI/ML capabilities, providing intelligence across all operations
  • We bring Google's culture of value and innovation to your organization.

The Nordia Advantage for SAP on Google Cloud Platform in Bahrain

Driven by innovation and a commitment to being at the forefront of cloud technology, Nordia ensures a seamless and efficient adoption of our cloud services in Bahrain With our extensive expertise in SAP on GCP, we become your trusted partner, guiding and supporting you at every stage of your cloud journey.

Our key advantages include:
Business Resiliency

We prioritize delivering low-cost solutions with high availability

Zero Business Disruption

Our Cloud Application Migration factory approach ensures minimal disruption to your business

Full SLA Conformance

We offer 24x7 managed services in Bahrain for applications and supporting cloud services, ensuring full SLA conformance.

Cloud Management Platform

Benefit from 24x7 proactive anomaly detection and remediation

No Code-Driven Automation

We control and monitor your cloud spend while establishing efficient governance

Zero-Cost Migrations

Achieve up to 50% reduction in operational costs with our migration services

Up to 40% Savings

We implement cost optimization principles and effective governance practices to help you save up to 40%


Google Cloud offers a range of networking, computing, big data, storage, management, and machine learning services that run on the Google Cloud infrastructure.

Google Cloud helps protect data, infrastructure, and applications, as well as customers from spam, fraudulent activities, and abuse. With Google's secure infrastructure services, you can run your business with utmost security.

One significant advantage is the ability to run applications on any cloud or environment, avoiding vendor lock-in. Google Cloud Platform leverages AI and ML to automate processes and make intelligent predictions, streamlining business needs. It also provides security and compliance protocols, maintains data integrity, and supports carbon neutrality by trading electricity used with renewable energy.

Yes, Google Cloud is highly scalable, capable of exponentially scaling up operations based on need. Products like Compute Engine, GKE, BigQuery, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Monitoring, and serverless architecture help build scalable and efficient apps.

Migrate seamlessly with our Azure migration services and empower your business for success.