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SAP Solution Manager in Cochin

SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) streamlines IT operations, enhances system monitoring, supports project management, and ensures efficient SAP application lifecycle management.

Application Lifecycle Management Using SAP Solman in Cochin

SAp solman in Cochin empowers you to implement centralized Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). The ALM-specific processes, tools, and functions in Solution Manager support the entire lifecycle of every application—from development to operation. Discover the benefits of our services and optimize your SAP solutions with Solution Manager.

Our SAP Solman Services for You in Cochin

SAP Operations and Monitoring

Where can you optimize your IT processes, and what benefits can you gain? We assist you from analysis to implementation services in Cochin.

SAP IT Service Management

Learn about incident, problem, and service request management, as well as managing knowledge articles and the service catalog.

SAP Business Process Management

Keep track of all processes and quickly resolve any issues. Discover what you can achieve with Solution Manager and robust business process management.

SAP Change Control Management

No changes go undocumented: Seamless Change Control Management ensures that every requirement is implemented efficiently and in an audit-compliant manner.

Benefits of SAP Solution Manager in Cochin include

Drive Success with SAP Solution Manager in Cochin

Discover how you can gain advantages from each of our services need in Cochin:

SAP Operations and Monitoring
  • Enhance the performance and resource allocation of your system landscape.
  • Minimize business downtime due to technical system issues.
  • Utilize the free SAP HANA database license available with SAp Solman in Cochin (from Version 7.2).
SAP IT Service Management
  • Implementing SAP GRC12 – Access Control, Process Control & Risk Management Module.Implement predefined and standardized ITSM processes.
  • Decrease effort and costs associated with IT administration through seamless process integration.
  • Enhance the reporting and transparency of your IT processes.
SAP Business Process Management in Cochin
  • Enhance your internal IT architectures with our services.
  • Use SAP Solman in Cochin to complete recurring tasks and monitor your IT infrastructure.
  • Increase efficiency in your SAP system with our support.
SAP Change Control Management in Cochin provides
  • Maintain all software and configuration change control, ensuring continuous quality improvement and risk reduction.
  • Save time and reduce costs for IT administration by seamlessly integrating various processes.
  • Optimize your reporting functionality and increase the transparency of your entire IT infrastructure.

Focused Solutions for Application Lifecycle Management in Cochin provides

  • We leverage our extensive experience in consulting and development with SAP Solution Manager to support you.

SAP Focused Run

  • Monitor and manage your large IT infrastructures with a standalone solution optimized for SAP HANA database solutions, utilizing tools from SAP Solman in Cochin.

Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager in Cochin

  • Execute implementation projects in your SAP environment in an agile and efficient manner with SAP Solman in Cochin.

Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager in Cochin

  • Quickly create IT business dashboards and add value to your departments with SAP Solman in Cochin.


SAP Solution Manager is a software application that provides a central platform for managing the entire lifecycle of your SAP applications, from planning and implementation to ongoing maintenance and support. It offers functionalities for application lifecycle management (ALM), IT service management (ITSM), and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

There are many benefits to using SAP GRC, including improved risk management, increased compliance, and reduced costs.

  • Improved efficiency and automation of SAP landscape management tasks.
  • Streamlined processes for change, incident, and problem management.
  • Enhanced visibility and control over your SAP system landscape.
  • Reduced risk of errors and outages.
  • Improved compliance with regulations.

The latest version is SAP Solution Manager 7.2, which offers various functionalities through add-ons like Focused Build and Focused Insights. Mainstream maintenance for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 lasts until the end of 2027, with extended maintenance available until 2030 for specific features.

The implementation complexity depends on the size and needs of your organization. However, SAP Solution Manager offers a modular design, allowing you to implement functionalities relevant to your specific requirements.

For customers with a valid SAP maintenance contract, SAP Solution Manager is included without an additional license fee. However, additional costs might arise for implementation services, training, and add-on functionalities.

You'll need a team with expertise in SAP systems, project management, and change management. SAP also offers various training materials and resources to support implementation.

  • Change Management:Manage changes to your SAP system landscape in a controlled and auditable manner.
  • Incident Management: Identify, track, and resolve incidents impacting your SAP systems.
  • Problem Management: Identify the root cause of recurring incidents and prevent future occurrences.
  • System Monitoring: Proactively monitor the health and performance of your SAP systems.
  • Patch Management: Apply security patches and updates to your SAP systems efficiently.
  • Process Management: Model and optimize your business processes.

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