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Microsoft Azure Migration Services in Bahrain for Business

At Nordia, we take pride in our expertise in secure and efficient cloud migration in Bahrain, with a special focus on Microsoft Azure. As a renowned provider of managed Azure services, we specialize in designing and implementing custom Azure services. Our goal is to simplify your journey to the cloud and help you achieve greater efficiency in your business operations. Let's get started on your journey towards a more streamlined business environment in Bahrain.

Scale Your Business with the Azure for SAP in Bahrain

Businesses today see cloud computing as a strategic investment for transformation, not just cost-cutting. Consider deploying cloud technologies, such as Azure, to lead your business transformation. Azure cloud services offer matured technologies with practical deployment costs and heightened security, gaining acceptance among customers. Cloud computing enables rapid adaptation to changing business environments without over-investing in technology for peak demand or growth. With our Azure migration services in Bahrain, scale quickly and maintain the agility needed for your business.

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Why Azure for Your Cloud Migration in Bahrain?

Azure offers a secure, cost-effective, and scalable solution for your cloud migration needs. With its wide range of services in Bahrain, with open platform, and disaster recovery features, Azure empowers you to migrate seamlessly and unlock the full potential of the cloud.

  • Consumption-Based Pricing

    Azure services in Bahrain are designed as a pay-as-you-go platform, allowing you to scale resources up or down according to demand. This means you only pay for the services and infrastructure you actually use. With per-minute billing calculations and Microsoft's commitment to matching competitor prices for popular infrastructure services such as storage, computing, and bandwidth, you can be assured of getting the best price for a high-performance system on Azure in Bahrain. For businesses looking to migrate to the cloud or implement SAP on Azure, managed Azure services in Bahrain offers a seamless transition and optimized performance.

    No upfront fees


    Per-minute billing

  • Open and Versatile Platform

    Azure in Bahrain provides an open and flexible platform that supports a wide range of programming languages, databases, frameworks, operating systems, tools, and hardware. It can run Linux containers and integrates with Docker. Azure enables you to build applications using .NET, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Java, as well as back-ends for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. With our Azure migration services in Bahrain, you can leverage these capabilities to develop applications and solutions on a platform trusted by thousands of developers.

Tailored approach to every client

Customized Azure migration to suit specific requirements

Vast experience in Azure design, migration, and management

Seamless transition to Azure Cloud with expert services

Discover Our Range of Azure Services in Bahrain

Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Azure's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) by Nordia provides virtualized computing resources accessible over the Internet. This pay-as-you-go platform scales resources to match demand, ensuring you only pay for what you use. It eliminates the need for a dedicated team to manage physical servers and data center infrastructure. Azure's IaaS in Bahrain offers compute services, cloud storage, and networking, each available as a separate offering within the platform, with resources automatically allocated based on your needs.
  • Run your applications
  • Store your data
  • Connect it all

Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Azure's Platform as a Service (PaaS) by Nordia is a cloud-based environment for developing and deploying applications, whether simple or complex. PaaS utilizes virtualization techniques, allowing applications to be independent of the underlying hardware. It supports the entire application lifecycle, including building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating. Azure's PaaS includes servers, storage, and networking infrastructure, as well as middleware, development tools, business intelligence services (BI), and database management systems, providing a comprehensive solution for application development and deployment.

Azure Cloud Architecture & Consulting

Our Azure cloud consulting services in Bahrain help us to define your roadmap for cloud adoption. We monitor your infrastructure, productivity tools, and business applications to guide and manage the IT infrastructure needed to support your business efficiently.

Managed Azure Services

As a premier Managed Azure Services Provider in Bahrain, Nordia assists in transitioning your IT infrastructure and business applications to the cloud. We provide Cloud Migration Services in Bahrain for public, private, or hybrid cloud models, offering 24/7 monitoring of networks, servers, applications and data resources.

Azure's Pre-Built Disaster Management for Secure Data Protection

  • Microsoft Azure in Bahrain offers a pre-built disaster management module that addresses your sensitive data protection requirements. Data is crucial for organizations, representing years of accumulated knowledge. Azure's disaster management ensures the security and availability of your data, even in the event of a crash in your on-premise installation or live instance.

Empower Your Growth with Microsoft Azure Cloud in Bahrain

  • Azure in Bahrain provides extensive integration with popular platforms within Microsoft Stack and other vendors, offering seamless solutions. This allows you to advance your business ahead of the competition by leveraging customized solutions built using Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence tools.

Microsoft Azure Benefits

Azure in Bahrain is the leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, consistently empowering clients to accelerate innovation and growth while ensuring performance and world-class security. With various use cases, Azure helps transform customer experiences, build trust, and optimize risk management. Nordia supports you throughout your cloud journey to ensure you derive value, performance, and security from Azure.

Cloud Services

Azure in Bahrain provides a cost-effective and straightforward way to access cloud services from anywhere.

Savings and

Switching to SaaS on many services previously used on-premise can save on space and storage.


Azure in Bahrain offers pricing advantages, including savings through existing licenses and free extended security updates.


Azure in Bahrain offers comprehensive, multi-layered security for optimized risk management.


With over 90 proactive compliance offerings, Azure in Bahrain supports robust data governance.


Azure is future-ready and supported by continuous innovation from Microsoft.


Azure in Bahrain seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft solutions.


Azure can be up to five times cheaper than AWS for Windows Server and SQL Server.


Microsoft Azure offers infrastructure and services to run SAP workloads. You manage the operating system and SAP software, while Azure manages the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Azure supports various migration strategies, from a simple "lift and shift" of your existing environment to a full cloud-native transformation of your SAP landscape.

Microsoft offers professional services or you can leverage their partner network with expertise in SAP and Azure migrations.

A key service is Azure Migrate for SAP, which provides a central hub for assessment, planning, and migration of SAP workloads to Azure. Additionally, Azure offers various services for data migration, server migration and ongoing management in the cloud.

This service simplifies SAP migration to Azure by offering tools and best practices for:

  • Assessing your current SAP landscape for migration readiness.
  • Planning and designing your target Azure environment.
  • Executing the migration with minimal downtime

  • Azure Database Migration Service: Migrates databases to Azure, including SAP HANA databases.
  • Azure Site Recovery: Enables disaster recovery and migration of on-premises servers to Azure, including SAP servers.
  • Azure Virtual Machines: Provides infrastructure to run your SAP virtual machines in the cloud.

  • Potential benefits include
  • Increased scalability and agility
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Enhanced security

Migrate seamlessly with our Azure migration services and empower your business for success.