Pathlock for SAP Access Violation Management Service

Pathlock For SAP Access Violation Management

Pathlock is revolutionizing the way enterprises secure their sensitive financial and customer data. It is a combined product suite providing GRC / IAM, transaction monitoring, Process Control, Data masking Application Hardening.

It helps the world’s largest enterprises and organizations automate the administration of access control, process, cybersecurity checks and implementation of Segregation of Duties (SOD) for any business application. It also allows you to construct review reports without any hassle and present clear information that can be easily understood and reviewed.

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Why Pathlock

  • The New Leader in Application Security.
  • Automated product to secure your users, application and data.
  • Centralized access review process for all business application.
  • Single platform for risk, reporting and audit.
  • Automate your Audit and Compliance process.
  • Highly efficient and yet saves your costs.
  • 100 % reliable with 1200+ customers globally.

Pathlock Connects more than 140+ Application’s.

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