Pathlock for SAP Access Violation Management Service

Pathlock For SAP Access Violation Management

Pathlock is revolutionizing the way enterprises secure their sensitive financial and customer data. It is a combined product suite providing GRC / IAM, transaction monitoring, Process Control, Data masking Application Hardening.

It helps the world’s largest enterprises and organizations automate the administration of access control, process, cybersecurity checks and implementation of Segregation of Duties (SOD) for any business application. It also allows you to construct review reports without any hassle and present clear information that can be easily understood and reviewed.

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Why Pathlock

  • The New Leader in Application Security.
  • Automated product to secure your users, application and data.
  • Centralized access review process for all business application.
  • Single platform for risk, reporting and audit.
  • Automate your Audit and Compliance process.
  • Highly efficient and yet saves your costs.
  • 100 % reliable with 1200+ customers globally.

Pathlock Connects more than 140+ Application’s.

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Case Study

Enhancing Security and Compliance in a Global Supply Chain: A Pathlock Case Study

Case Study: SAP Migration Services - Nordia Infotech

Our client, a leading multinational supply chain company operating on a global scale, faced increasing challenges in securing and managing access to their SAP landscape. With a vast network of suppliers, distributors, and internal stakeholders, ensuring a robust security posture and compliance with industry regulations was paramount. The complexity of their SAP environment demanded a sophisticated solution that could provide granular access controls, real-time risk monitoring, and actionable insights. To address these challenges, the company engaged in the implementation of Pathlock, a comprehensive SAP security and compliance platform.


  • Access Governance: The company struggled with maintaining a clear view of user access across its diverse SAP modules. Segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts and unauthorized access were potential risks.
  • Real-time Risk Monitoring: With a vast supply chain, real-time monitoring of user activities and identifying anomalies or potential security threats was challenging.
  • Compliance Management: Adhering to industry regulations and internal compliance policies was crucial, and the existing manual processes were proving inadequate and time-consuming.

Pathlock Implementation:

The Pathlock implementation by Nordia involved a thorough assessment of the existing SAP landscape, customization of access controls based on roles and responsibilities, and integration with the company's existing security infrastructure. Real-time risk monitoring modules were configured by our experts to detect unusual user activities, and compliance management features were aligned with industry regulations. User training programs were conducted by Nordia to ensure the seamless adoption of the new security measures.

Results / Impact:

  • Granular Access Controls: Nordia provided the company with the ability to define and enforce granular access controls, mitigating segregation of duties conflicts and ensuring that users only had access to the necessary resources with our customized rules for SoD.
  • Real-time Risk Monitoring: The real-time monitoring capabilities of Pathlock empowered the company to detect and respond to potential security threats promptly, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized activities by 90%
  • Compliance Assurance: Nordia’s Pathlock automated compliance management features streamlined the process of adhering to industry regulations. This not only improved compliance but also reduced the time and effort spent on manual compliance checks by 80%.


The implementation of Pathlock as recommended by Nordia proved to be a transformative step for our client, enhancing the security and compliance posture of their extensive supply chain operations. The granular access controls, real-time risk monitoring, and compliance management capabilities provided by Pathlock not only addressed existing challenges but also positioned the company for future growth with confidence in their SAP security. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Pathlock in securing and optimizing SAP environments for large-scale supply chain operations with a ROI in 5 months.

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Our customer is a leading manufacturer and distributor of FMCG in India. After 30 years in business, the firm has become a market leader in its field, bringing in INR 100 crore in yearly sales.

Case Study: SAP Migration Services - Nordia Infotech


The customer had a hard time keeping track of SAP user licences and making sure that everyone with access to SAP was given the right roles.

The client's SAP environment suffered from problems such as inaccurate role assignment and out-of-date user licence counts, which led to regular violations and possible compliance difficulties.

  • Violating the allowed licence count caused extra costs and regulatory Risks
  • Inadequate Role Assignment: The SAP user role assignment procedure lacked structure, which resulted in too broad permissions and a security risk.

Nordia Infotech's Solution :

The following recommendations were made after the Nordia team conducted a thorough evaluation of the client's SAP ecosystem:

  • Simplified Process For Role Management: To simplify the process of assigning responsibilities, we suggested establishing a parent-child role structure. The organization might quickly assign roles to users while minimising the danger of excessive permissions by establishing standardized parent roles and developing child roles with unique job-related authorizations.
  • Devised a clear procedure for User Management : We recommended that the client create a clear procedure for user management, which would include regular contact and collaboration with HR. By doing so, access privileges may be immediately withdrawn when an employee leaves the company, reducing the possibility that confidential information would fall into the wrong hands.
  • SLAW Audit : Evaluated SLAW audit report results and removed all the redundant and unused user's from the system.

Benefits to Client :

After adopting our recommendations,

  • The license count was optimized : There were no overages or shortages of license post implementation, and the firm saved huge money by not having to pay for unused licences.
  • Enhanced security : By adopting a parent-child role strategy, the customer was able to simplify role assignment and strengthen SAP's security infrastructure as a whole.


In conclusion, our client, a large FMCG firm, acquired greater control over user licenses and enhanced role assignment via the introduction of well-defined SAP security practices. The organization maintained the security of their SAP system, protecting its data and resources, by giving high priority to proactive user cleaning and employing a disciplined role creation procedure. The customer was able to redirect their energy on growing and innovating their FMCG company.

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