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Best SAP Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disasters such as natural catastrophes, Cyber attacks or power outages can take place at any time. It is extremely critical to have a highly reliable disaster recovery plan in place, ensure business does not face any break and keep the financial impact to a minimum.

Best SAP Disaster Recovery as a Service- Nordia Infotech
40 Percentage SME - Best SAP Disaster Recovery as a Service -Nordia Infotech

However, with Nordia’s disaster recovery services, your business can:

  • Access a highly reliable, flexible, scalable and low cost model.
  • Continue to be operational and be assured of maintaining continuity.
  • Reduce the downtime to almost zero.
  • Have substantial cost savings on buying hosting licenses, Software and hardware etc.

SAP Disaster Recovery DraaS Services

Best SAP Disaster Recovery DraaS Services - Nordia Infotech

  • Identify interconnected dependencies - One critical aspect of any DR Plan is to identify system interdependencies and contingencies and to set recovery priorities.
  • Assess Impact - The Recovery Point Objective is the point in time to which data must be recovered; the Recovery time objective is the overall length of time an SAP System component can be unavailable before it negatively impacts the critical business functions
  • Short term DR plan -In order for the Disaster Recovery Plan to provide the level of support the enterprise requires, the different SAP modules in the environment need to be assigned appropriate Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and the Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).
  • Vulnerability - Nordia works with its SAP clients to design & architect an efficient DR strategy based on described definitions of risks, timelines, required performance, and functionality levels—all of which are documented in and supported by our Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Long term DR plan - Each scenario will have a corresponding set of Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO/RTO). Furthermore, each scenario will have a set of criteria that needs to be met before that recovery process is undertaken. Defining the criteria for executing a remote recovery scenario is important. During some recovery scenarios time will be wasted debating the use of Local Recovery plans versus the use of Remote Recovery. This type of analysis needs to occur during the planning sessions and not during an actual outage. This type of upfront planning will drastically reduce the response time to each outage and allow all identified resources to act quickly and according to plan

Benefits Of

Benefits of SAP Draas - Best SAP Disaster Recovery DraaS Services - Nordia
Quick Recovery - Benefits Of
    SAP DRaaS - Nordia Infotech

Quick Recovery

Get Your Business Up and Running in Zero Downtime

Scalability - Benefits Of
    SAP DRaaS - Nordia


Easily Adjust your Business Disaster Recovery Plans With a Pay-as-you-use Service

Cost Effective - Benefits Of SAP DRaaS - Nordia

Cost Effective

Fraction Of a Cost For DRaas Offered by Competitors

Expert Support - Benefits Of SAP DRaaS - Nordia

Expert Support

  • Best in Class RTO and RPO Times
  • Point in Time Recovery for Cyber Attacks For Data Corruption
  • For In-Premise as well as Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Increased Relability

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